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Oportunidades Profesionales

Bachillerato en Ciencias en Nutrición y Dietética (Coordinado)

There are many diverse and innovative work opportunities in Puerto Rico and United States for the professional who joins the workforce as a Nutritionist-Dietitian.


  • Head start, WIC, School Lunch Programs
  • Agricultural Advisory Services
  • Health Reform Centers
  • Weight Reduction Clinics, Gymnasiums
  • Associations (Lactation, Diabetes, Heart, Cancer)
  • Federal Agencies (Agriculture, FDA)
  • Home Feeding Companies
  • Senior and Home Delivered Meal Programs

Foodservice Administration

  • Hospital Diet Departments
  • Cafeteria (Hospital, Pharmaceutical)
  • Quality Control in Food Manufactures
  • Banquet Managers
  • Own Business
  • Restaurants
  • Fast Food Chains
  • Airline Foodservice
  • Correctional Facilities Foodservice

Medical Nutrition Therapy

  • Hospital – Clinic Area
  • Specialized treatment Centers (Renal, HIV+, Diabetes)
  • Private Practice


  • Medical Nutrition Representative
  • Food Company Marketing
  • Academic Program (Education)
  • Consulting
  • Lecturer
  • Research Programs
  • Food Company Educational Programs
  • Institutional Menu Design (Elderly Care Center, Child Care Center)
  • Advertising
  • Military Fooodservice