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Doctoral Degree in Counseling Psychology *


Degree Programs

Master's in Counseling Psychology

The master's in counseling psychology program offers the opportunity to develop the knowledge and competencies to become entry level practitioners in professional psychology in Puerto Rico under current law. The program is designed to provide basic graduate level competencies required by the American Psychological Association (APA) which are further enhanced at the Psy.D. Program at Universidad del Turabo.

- 2014 Sequential (PDF 194 KB)

- 2014 Curriculum (PDF 136 KB)

- 2013 Sequential (PDF 129 KB)

- 2013 Curriculum (PDF 154 KB)


Doctorate in Counseling Psychology (Psy.D)

The doctoral curriculum is a continuum of the master's in counseling psychology program at the Universidad del Turabo. As such, it provides those competencies not covered and further enhances in complexity those acquired at the master's level. One of the main changes to the doctoral curriculum is a change from doctoral dissertation to doctoral project. Doctoral dissertations are mostly geared to PhD programs where the emphasis of the curriculum is on scientific research in professional psychology. Psy.D programs are focused on developing skills for professional practice in clinical settings. However, since it is of utmost importance that practitioners have the skills to integrate scientific knowledge to their practice, specifically in pursue of evidence-based treatment interventions, students must demonstrate such competency by way of producing a doctoral project in which such competencies are shown to be mastered.

- 2016 Curriculum-Sequential (PDF 515 KB)

- 2016 Sequential (PDF 299 KB)

- 2016 Curriculum (PDF226 KB)

- 2014 Sequential (PDF 192 KB)

- 2014 Curriculum (PDF140 KB)

- 2013 Sequential (PDF 71 KB)

- 2013 Curriculum (PDF 62 KB)

- 2012 Sequential (PDF 67 KB)

- 2012 Curriculum (PDF 34 KB)