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Stipend, Benefits and Resources

The annual stipend for all interns at UAGM PIP is $15,000.00. Interns receive 10 days of Paid Time Off (PTO) and 15 paid state/federal holidays. Paid time off are established by the Universidad Ana G. Mendez, Gurabo Campus every year. Interns are responsible for communicating anticipated absences to all supervisors for whom work will be missed. Sick leave must be communicated to the intern’s primary supervisor and internship director as soon as the intern is physically able to do so. Mal practice insurance is covered by the internship program.

UAGM PIP interns have access to numerous resources as students of the Universidad Ana G. Méndez. All interns have access to individual office space, a desk, computer, office phone, printers, software, and basic office supplies. Intervention manuals, assessment materials, other training materials, and access to the DSM 5 is provided by the program. Additional materials that are needed may be purchased using internship funding with the approval of the Dean of Social Science & Communications. Attendance at professional conferences is encouraged and funded by UAGM PIP when opportunities are available. Interns also have access to administrative and IT support, as well as client scheduling support.