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Program’s Aims and Competencies

The fundamental aim of this training program is to provide all interns the opportunity to attain the skills that will prepare them to become health service psychologists and to instill in them values of commitment and the highest standards of practice in the profession and science of Psychology. The internship program provides trainees the opportunity to practice and consolidate the skills and knowledge within the health service psychology competencies in the context of a supervised clinical and academic professional setting. Its core mission is to provide quality intensive supervised training by competent mentors.  The Aims and Competencies of the internship program are:

  1. Aim 1
    1. To develop in each intern advanced levels of competence in the psychological assessment, diagnostic process, and counseling and psychotherapy interventions.
      1. Competencies
        1. The intern will develop advanced psychological evaluation skills in the selection, administration, interpretation, and report writing using data from various sources.
        2. The intern will develop advanced levels of competence in conducting several evidence-based psychotherapeutic (individual, group, family, marital, etc.) interventions according to case conceptualization, formulated diagnosis, and the treatment plan designed to address the client’s difficulties.
  2. Aim 2
    1. Interns will consolidate their skills to effectively integrate research and practice as well as apply scholarly inquiry skills in their psychotherapeutic interventions.
      1. Competencies
        1. Interns will develop an advanced level of competence in evaluating and applying current research to their clinical practice.
  3. Aim 3
    1. Interns will demonstrate an advanced awareness and sensitivity to issues of diversity.
      1. Competencies
        1. The intern will develop advanced levels of diversity awareness, including attitudes of respect, and will acquire the skills needed to respond appropriately to all clinical and professional situations related to diversity issues.
  4. Aim 4
    1. Interns will integrate ethical standards in the practice of health service psychology following the Code of Ethics of the Puerto Rico Psychology Board, APA Code of Ethics, and all applicable laws and regulations.
      1. Competencies
        1. Interns will consolidate their skills in managing complex ethical situations needing ethical reasoning and decision-making.
  5. Aim 5
    1. Interns will demonstrate Professional values, communication and interpersonal skills.
      1. Interns will demonstrate professional values, attitudes and behaviors through the internship experience.
      2. Interns will show proper communication and interpersonal skills while conducting all aspects of their professional practice.
  6. Aim 6
    1. Interns will develop consultation, teaching, and supervision competencies applicable to professional, academic, and clinical contexts.
      1. Competencies
        1. Interns will develop the ability to utilize appropriate supervision models and strategies through their experiences supervising master’s level psychology students who are beginning their clinical training.
        2. Interns will develop the ability to utilize appropriate teaching strategies through their experiences teaching undergraduate level general psychology courses.
        3. Interns will develop skills in consulting with other professionals and referral sources using contemporary consultation models and strategies.