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Intern Selection and Academic Preparation Requirement

Application Process

UAGM PIP currently offers 5 full-time internship positions. Students interested in applying for the internship program need to::

  1. Be enrolled in the Universidad Ana G. Méndez Counseling Psychology Doctoral Program. The UAGM PIP Internship is exclusively affiliated with UAGM Counseling Psychology Program..
    1. have completed all the academic courses before the beginning of the internship program
    2. have the doctoral candidacy exam and doctoral project proposal approved before the beginning of the internship
  2. Complete the AAPI online application at
  3. Submit a cover letter stating the order of preference of the clinical tracks offered
  4. Submit two Standardized Reference Forms (at least one from a professor and one from clinical supervisors)**
  5. Submit a current Curriculum Vitae**
  6. Submit official school transcript of all graduate courses**
  7. Submit a de-identified case conceptualization report**
  8. Submit a de-identified psychological assessment integrated report**

**Required documents must be uploaded to the AAPI online in pdf format following APPIC guidelines.

All applications materials must be received by December 10 in order to be considered. Applicants are welcomed to email the Internship Director (ID) regarding clarifications, or questions.


Selection Procedures

The internship application process will be as follows:

  • After all the documents listed above are received through AAPI, the UAGM PIP internship director will review and rate applications using a standardized form created by the program for this purpose. This rating include the revision of the applicants’ essays, practicum experience hours, and review of the case conceptualization and psychological assessment report. Applicants with the highest rating scores will be invited for an interview.  Applicants will be notified via email of their interview status by December 20. 
  • The candidate will be interviewed by the clinical track’s coordinators and a current intern of each area in the order of preference stated by the applicant. This interview will be rated using a standardized form.
  • Most interviews are conducted during the month of January. On-site interviews are preferred. The interview is semi-structured, conducted in Spanish, and seeks to obtain information about the candidate’s professional development in the following areas:
    • vocation
    • clinical experience (psychotherapy and psychological assessments)
    • knowledge of theory and practice
    • attitude toward work or work ethic
    • correspondence between applicants expectations and program goals
    • language proficiencies, spoken and written skills (Spanish & English)
    • self-awareness
  • Once the process is completed, all ratings will be compiled, the ID will create the final ranking list, discuss it with the faculty and submit the results to APPIC for the match process.