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Social Sciences & Communications

Graduate Student Profile

MC Public Relations

  1. Apply the principles and laws that defend freedom of speech and of assembly and press, both locally and globally.
  2. Identify the importance of these principles and rights for public relations.
  3. Analyze the history of the development of communications in society.
  4. Evaluate the historical evolution of the media up to the arrival of postmodernism.
  5. Analyze and respect the diversity that permeates society and its relationship with communications, as well as the diversity of cultures and their impact in a globalized world.
  6. Apply the principles of respect for diversity while writing or developing communication products that are typical of this profession.
  7. Use the principles, theories, concepts, and fundamental models of social communication while developing written and audiovisual content.
  8. Create strategic plans in public relations, according to the fundamental models of social communication.
  9. Apply the ethical principles of public relations, by respecting the truth, accuracy, impartiality, and diversity.
  10. Demonstrate critical, creative, and independent thinking skills to creatively solve conflicts and crises in public relations.
  11. Apply different research techniques to obtain the necessary information in order to identify problems in public relations and to establish strategies to solve them.
  12. Properly manage the genres and formats used in public relations.
  13. Develop public relations plans to communicate strategically, address a crisis or create a corporate image.
  14. Apply the latest communication tools and technologies and know the impact of the current digital era.
  15. Critically and objectively evaluate his/her work and that of others, focusing on the accuracy and clarity required by Spanish grammar.