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Graduate Student Profile

BA Criminology

The graduate students from the concentration in Criminology will:

  1. Know the main theories of Criminology and its development as an empirical and ethical-normative discipline.
  2. Know the general principles of Puerto Rico’s Criminal Code, the types of crimes, the penalties associated to them and to the elements of the crime.
  3. Be trained to compare the Criminal Justice System of Puerto Rico with that of the United States, both in terms of its structure and its functions, and its relationship with other democratic institutions.
  4. Know the basic principles of the scientific method applied to criminal investigation and the modern techniques of locating and interpreting information.
  5. Be familiar with the situation of juvenile delinquency in Puerto Rico, its causes, prevention and treatment.
  6. Demonstrate knowledge about Puerto Rico’s correctional system, its philosophy, legal framework, as well as the administrative procedures of criminal institutions, the Parole Board and diversion programs.
  7. Understand the principles of criminal law and its application in judicial actions, the civil rights charter, and the defendant’s rights in a democracy. He/she will also recognize the rules of evidence and their application in criminal cases.
  8. Integrate the knowledge acquired through observation or simulation, and be exposed, under supervision, to the operability of an institution within the criminal justice system.