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Social Sciences & Communications

Graduate Student Profile

BC Filmmaking, Video and Multimedia

After completing their academic degree, students will:

  1. Know the techniques and materials available to connect efficiently with diverse social groups.
  2. Know the form as well as the visual perspective of dynamic production to express clear and defined concepts of film, video, and multimedia.
  3. Apply the knowledge acquired and its relevance to advertising campaigns.
  4. Know and be familiar with audiovisual media.
  5. Know the principles of image animation.
  6. Know the different types of techniques used in editing, directing and identifying video and/or multimedia film exercises, as well as those concerned with sound and special effects.
  7. Identify and demonstrate their ability to use basic concepts regarding composition, color, balance, and visual communication.
  8. Produce computer projects using programs related to managing original images or those created with the computer.
  9. Be familiar with the history and evolution of visual communication since the beginning of civilization.
  10. Understand the organizational structures of film, video, and multimedia industries in Puerto Rico and internationally, as well as its effects on visual media.
  11. Capture still or moving images with digital cameras and/or videos and trackers for design reproduction.
  12. Explore the different forms of interactive visual publications, as well as its traditional expressions (film and television).
  13. Use the computer to manipulate objects and three-dimensional animation, as well as for editing and visual production.
  14. Use the meaning, that is, communication as a technique, as an essential instrument of his/her film, video, graphic and/or multimedia imagination.