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Social Sciences & Communications

Graduate Student Profile

BC Digital Journalism

The graduate students will be able to:

  1. Recognize and use the principles, theories, concepts, and fundamental models of social communication.
  2. Understand the basic principles of journalism.
  3. Demonstrate basic oral and written communication skills in Spanish and English.
  4. Know the legal aspects of press freedom.
  5. Know the importance of social responsibility in the process of informingeducating and entertaining, as well as in the development of public opinion.
  6. Apply ethical principles on a personal level.
  7. Express personal and interpersonal attitudes and skills for effective group work.
  8. Show critical thinking skills when facing different situations.
  9. Create and publish digital journalistic products that demonstrate the technical knowledge acquired in the courses of that field.
  10. Effectively use technology and electronic media to develop journalistic content.
  11. Create audiovisual content and publish web pages with an emphasis on digital journalism.
  12.  Master the technical aspects used to develop audiovisual content.
  13. Know the technical aspects used in digital media to develop audiovisual content.