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School of Health Sciences

Career Opportunities

Bachelor of Sciences in Nutrition and Dietectics (Coordinated)

Career Opportunities

There are many diverse and innovative work opportunities in Puerto Rico and United States for the professional who joins the workforce as a Nutritionist-Dietitian.


  • Head start, WIC, School Lunch Programs
  • Agricultural Advisory Services
  • Health Reform Centers
  • Weight Reduction Clinics, Gymnasiums
  • Associations (Lactation, Diabetes, Heart, Cancer)
  • Federal Agencies (Agriculture, FDA)
  • Home Feeding Companies
  • Senior and Home Delivered Meal Programs

Foodservice Administration

  • Hospital Diet Departments
  • Cafeteria (Hospital, Pharmaceutical)
  • Quality Control in Food Manufactures
  • Banquet Managers
  • Own Business
  • Restaurants
  • Fast Food Chains
  • Airline Foodservice
  • Correctional Facilities Foodservice

Medical Nutrition Therapy

  • Hospital – Clinic Area
  • Specialized treatment Centers (Renal, HIV+, Diabetes)
  • Private Practice


  • Medical Nutrition Representative
  • Food Company Marketing
  • Academic Program (Education)
  • Consulting
  • Lecturer
  • Research Programs
  • Food Company Educational Programs
  • Institutional Menu Design (Elderly Care Center, Child Care Center)
  • Advertising
  • Military Fooodservice